Courses at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Postgraduate (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) Course
COMM5320 Quantitative Communication Research

Taught Postgraduate (M.A. and M.Sc.) Courses
COMM5640 Online and Mobile Journalism
COMM5946 Fundamentals in Multimedia Design
COMM5520 Applied Communication Research
COMM5980 New Media Ecology

Undergraduate Courses
COMM2600 Introduction to Journalism
COMM3800 Multimedia Design and Techniques
COMM3682 Digital Journalism
COMM4150 Senior Projects

CUHK Library
Getting Data for Journalism [Online Video]

Courses at the University of Texas at Austin

J395T Multimedia Newsroom (TA)
J334/J395 Multimedia Journalism (TA)
J321C Fundamentals in Multimedia Journalism (TA)
J310 Critical Issues in Journalism (TA)